Jammed Door Lock

You arrive home and try to open your front door. As you turn the key, the door lock jams and you cannot get it out. You and your children are locked out and tired from a busy day.

What should you do when you are locked out?

Firstly, walk around the perimeter of your house and make sure that no one has attempted to break in. The door could be jammed because someone tried to open it and didn’t succeed or perhaps there is a break in and they need to be alerted if you come home unexpectedly.

If someone has entered your home without your permission, go to a safe location and call 911.

Find a trusted locksmith

Once you are safe, you still need to gain entry to your home. A jammed door lock is not only a major inconvenience, it is also frustrating. Keypad Locksmith are a family owned business providing tradional doorlock services and keypads. We know that home owners are looking for a reliable professional who understands your security needs. Call Keypad Locksmith to replace the jammed door knob or door lock and give you peace of mind.

Can a locksmith open a locked door without damage?

A skilled locksmith is able to open your lock without damaging the door. A locksmith will assess the lock to determine the best course of action for replacement. Depending on the type of lock, the locksmith may need to drill out the old lock or use specific tools to remove it.

Go Keyless

If you are replacing the lock, you might like to talk to Keypad Locksmith about replacing your lock with a keypad. Using a keypad eliminates the necessity to carry around home keys since you enter with a code.
Regular keys not only jam, they can get lost or stolen. Keypads eliminate the burden of carrying around a key.

Access Control

You can provide access to your home to people that you trust. If you are nervous about someone having access to your home, you merely change the code and notify the trusted parties.

Enter the Digital Age

It’s easy to understand how keypads have made a positive impact on controlling entry to homes and businesses. Digital push-button locks are simple to use and both to enter the location and to control access than regular keys. Next time you are thinking of changing a door lock, consider upgrading and to a keypad!

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