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The Pitfalls of Antique Locks: A Guide by Keypad Locksmith in Maryland


While antique locks may appeal to individuals seeking a vintage aesthetic, it’s crucial to recognize their limitations in providing effective security. Keypad Locksmith in Maryland recommends considering antique locks as decorative accessories rather than relying on them for practical security. In reality, doors, windows, and storage areas should be protected by multiple layers of strong modern locks. This guide outlines common issues associated with antique locks, offering insights from the lock repair and lock installation experts at Keypad Locksmith.

1. Rusting

Rust poses a significant threat to antique locks, leading to a chemical reaction that creates a clogging solution inside the lock, ultimately causing jams. Indications of rust may include a yellow or brown sandy residue on the exterior or emerging from the keyway. While rust can render locks inoperable, it is a fixable issue through disassembly and cleaning.

2. Severe Breaks

Oftentimes, rust can create imperfections within a lock’s metal, leading to severe breaks after regular use that compromise the security of your property. Antique locks with substantial breaks require professional assessment to determine the viability of repair operations. In some cases, opting for cosmetic fixes while utilizing a new high-security lock for practical security might be a more sensible approach.

3. Internal Mechanical Issues

Antique locks commonly experience malfunctions due to internal mechanical issues. With the progress of the 20th century, locks evolved to become more complicated and efficient in design. However, antique locks lack this forward-thinking design, resulting in internal mechanics suffering from degradation, bumps, shifts, and misplacement of parts. Addressing these issues is often challenging and is best handled by experts. You may want to consult with your local Keypad Locksmith about replacing the antique lock for a modern lock with an antique design.

4. Parts Falling off the Lock

Antique locks are prone to literal disintegration, marked by issues like slipped spindles, loose doorknobs, or loose door handle roses. The entire assembly of the lock may become loose and slack within the door. A common and straightforward solution to this problem involves tightening the complex connections inside the lock. However, it’s essential to address these issues promptly to prevent further deterioration.


In conclusion, while antique locks may add a touch of nostalgia to your property, relying on them for security is not advisable. Keypad Locksmith in Maryland encourages homeowners to consider modern, high-security locks for practical safety. These modern locks can have an antique design. If you encounter issues with antique locks, seeking the expertise of professionals at Keypad Locksmith can help you make informed decisions about repairs or replacements. Remember, the security of your property deserves the best, and that often means embracing modern advancements in lock technology.

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