Jammed Door Lock

You arrive home and try to open your front door. As you turn the key, the door lock jams and you cannot get it out. You and your children are locked out and tired from a busy day. What should you do when you are locked out? Firstly, walk around the perimeter of your house

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Lockly digital combination lock

New Smart Lock with Video Doorbell

In the past when someone came to your door, you would look at them through the peephole viewer in order to verify that it’s safe to open the door. It was difficult to see the person on the other side especially if they were out of view of the peephole. Today home security has improved

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Emergency Locksmith Situations

Most people have their first-ever interaction with a locksmith when they discover they have accidentally locked themselves out of their home, car or business and they have no other safe way of getting back in. Other reasons and situations that require emergency assistance refer to dealing broken or jammed keys in locks or the need

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