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How to prevent car theft

Typically, our clients call us when they are locked out of their car or need an additional key for their vehicle.

Locking your car is the first step that you should take in order to prevent theft.

Here are some new trends being used by thieves to steal your car and property cited by Fox News:


Not every thief is after your car. Some are after your valuables or cash.

As a woman, I know that typically when I arrive at the gas station, I leave my purse on the front seat. I take my credit card and pump gas.

Huge Mistake!

In a recent spate of thefts, thieves working in teams drive up alongside the victims vehicle. They target the vehicles on the outside row of the pumps to make a quick get away.
They need the passenger door unlocked and a purse or phone on the front seat.

  • They enter the vehicle from the driver’s side while the victim is pumping gas.
  • They slide over to the passenger side.
  • Take the purse or phone, exit the vehicle.
  • Sometimes they take the vehicle.
  • Get away in the adjacent car driven by a team mate.

How to prevent this attack?
When you exit your vehicle to pump gas, take your purse with you and lock your automobile.


This is usually a more violent type of crime where criminals hang out in parking lots of malls, stores or banks. They are looking for people carrying cash or high end items who are distracted, or fumbling in their purse or pocket for their key.

They target locations that are dark or isolated where there are no witnesses who can get their description.

They physically strike the victim in the parking lot and make a get away, or they may follow the victim home and attack them there.

In some cases, they wait outside banks and follow the victim. When they stop, the suspect breaks the automobile window, jumps in, and exits within 5 seconds taking the money or valuables.

How to prevent this attack?

  1. Park your vehicle in a well lit parking lot where there is foot traffic.
  2. Look behind you and be aware of your surroundings.
  3. Notice if someone is looking at you, or following you.
  4. Do not drive home if you are being followed or are alone.
  5. Keep a tracking device in your purse to help police find the suspect.

At Keypad Locksmith LLC, we are invested in the safety and security of our clients.

If you need help with your home locks, rekeying or are locked out of your vehicle, please call us at (301) 769-7703 for fast and courteous service.

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