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Can a Locksmith Copy a Key That Says Do Not Duplicate?

No law prohibits “do duplicate” keys. It’s not a legal requirement to have an engraved message on business keys. Although many hardware chains, like Ace, refuse to make copies of these keys. A locksmith can easily replicate them.

You may be wondering why some keys are marked “do duplicate”. And, if a locksmith is able to copy them, will they be any more secure than keys that are not marked?

This article will address all of your questions regarding this type of key and ways to improve your security system.

The Key Takeaways

  1. A hardware store or locksmith can duplicate a “Do Not Duplicate” key. It is not against the law.
  2. The “Do not duplicate” key gives the owner a false sense that they are protected. These keys can be easily copied.
  3. Great Valley Lockshop has a team of experts who can handle everything from locks to keys. We can help you improve your security system!

Can a Locksmith Copy a Key That Says “Do Not Duplicate”?

Yes, a locksmith will be able to duplicate a key with a “Do Not Duplicate” label. As long as the locksmith has the blank key, they are likely to be able to duplicate it for you.

The inscription serves as a simple warning, but it is not protected under any law. However, large hardware stores might refuse to duplicate a key marked don’t duplicate.

According to the Associated Locksmiths of America, having the message “Do not duplicate” inscribed on company keys can actually give a false feeling of security. Since keys marked “Do not duplicate” can be copied, you will need to find real security solutions for your business.

Property owners and managers started pressing the “do NOT duplicate” message on keys in an effort to control security violations by terminated employees and former tenants. Construction workers and other people who obtain a key were also urged to refrain from doing so. Unauthorized key copying is still a major security threat today, and it’s the most commonly violated security policy.

It may reduce the number of copies because a locksmith is required to copy them. The fact is that keys with the “Do Not Duplicate”, are no safer than keys without this stamp.

The Associated Locksmiths of America advises “Do not duplicate” keys:

The Associated Locksmiths of America states,

  • “Orders of keys with a ‘Do not duplicate’ or similar phrase will be treated in the same way as orders for any other key. ALOA members must inform consumers that keys with ‘Do not duplicate’ or similar words are not an effective form of security. They should also explain that such words can be misleading because they give a false impression of security. If consumers want to be sure that their keys are protected, they should invest in a key control system patented by a third party rather than relying on the ‘Do not duplicate’ marking. This does not include keys that are protected by law.”

There are other keys that you can use to ensure your business’s security. Transponder keys, like the key, provide more security than a standard key inscribed with “do not duplicate”.

Master Key

Where Can I Get a Key That Says “Do Not Duplicate” Made?

A local hardware store or a locksmith can make you a “do NOT duplicate” key. This can be done by any store that provides engraving and cutting services.

While some shops may not duplicate this key due to ethical reasons, it will not increase the security of your property. These keys can be duplicated by any locksmith shop as there is no law governing the inscription.

What Keys Cannot Be Copied?

Keys with high-security features are usually difficult to copy. This is because the key requires advanced equipment or is patent-protected.

The keys are often unique in design or have embedded technology that makes duplication difficult. Examples include:

  1. Transponder keys. This key has a computer embedded in it that transmits a code encrypted to prevent duplication. This key is commonly used in vehicles.
  2. Double-sided keys. Also known as four-sided keys, these keys are harder to duplicate and to pick the lock.
  3. Post Office Box keys. These keys are provided by the US Postal Service for each post box. These keys are not allowed to be copied without permission.
  4. Vehicle anti-theft system (VATS), keys. These keys have resistors that are electronically installed, making them only work for certain vehicles.
  5. Keys marked “US Property” These keys are issued by the government and cannot be copied.
  6. Master keys. The organization that owns a system usually controls the master keys. These are designed to unlock multiple locks in a system. It is usually prohibited to duplicate these keys without the proper authorization.

Keys that require special equipment and techniques are more difficult to duplicate.

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What Are Restricted Keys?

Restricted key are covered by U.S. Patent laws which protect manufacturers of specialized locks and keys. A penalty of up to $10,000 can be applied for breaking the law. This includes illegal duplication or a restricted key.

Lock makers are making restricted keys that are harder to copy. The process is complicated and requires special equipment.

The duplication of restricted keys is only allowed by approved manufacturers and locksmiths and requires specific tools. The locksmith will ask the owner of the key to provide identification and proof of permission.

What Are Unrestricted Keys?

Unrestricted Keys are standard keys that do not have any restrictions on their duplication. These keys are used in basic residential and commercial applications such as for home locks and office doors.

They are available in hardware stores, online retailers, and locksmiths. This makes them easily accessible and convenient. Unrestricted Keys are used when high security isn’t a priority. They offer a balance of convenience and affordability.

Can a Locksmith Copy a Key

What Are the Differences Between Restricted, Do Not Copy, and Unrestricted Keys?

Duplicability is the most important difference between these keys. Some keys can be copied, while others cannot, and some can, but with authorization.

How to Increase Business Security

You need to know the best strategy for boosting security.

Installing a security system installed by a locksmith professional like Great Valley Lockshop is the best way to improve business security.

You can also use the following strategies to improve business security.

  1. Hire a locksmith if you suspect duplicate keys may be compromising the security of your business. Rekeying involves the locksmith changing the internal mechanism of the lock to make it unusable by previous keys.
  2. Buy high-security locks and keys. A lock that is more difficult to pick can also provide additional protection to a commercial building. Locks with special pins or dimples can be produced by some manufacturers. Locks must also be made from high-strength material to prevent vandals or burglars from drilling them or breaking them. If you’re unsure what materials your locks are made from or how they’re designed, check with the manufacturer.
  3. Discover smart options for electronic locks. It is recommended to implement a technological solution such as electronic smart locks for superior security. You can lock and unlock the doors, program the system, and monitor traffic into and out of the building using these special devices. access control systems are another great option. Key card systems let businesses restrict access to certain areas, or even terminate it for some employees without having to issue new cards.

Keypad Locksmith Can Help Replace the Need for a Duplication Prohibited Key

Local locksmiths can make perfect key copies of all kinds of keys. A locksmith with expertise can provide you with the locks and keys needed to protect your commercial property against unwanted intruders.

The keys are only one part of a complete security system. To keep your property secure, you should also consider locks and other features.

Keypad Locksmith can help. Our locksmiths and craftsmen are experts in evaluating your property, recommending the best security solutions, and installing them for you. Protect your property and business with the most up-to-date security solutions.

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