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How To Change a Doorknob? Common Mistakes To Avoid

It is best to hire a professional handyman if you want to change the doorknob. If you want to change the door knob yourself, there are specific steps you need to follow.

You may have experienced this situation once, twice, or more. Or you might need a new door knob. The task at hand depends on the type of door knob that you are using. can be a DIY or not.

This quick guide will show you how to replace a doorknob and what common mistakes you need to avoid.

The Key Takeaways

  1. To change a doorknob you must carefully remove the old knob. You will also need to remove the latch, replace the latch plate and install the new knob.
  2. When you’re first doing it, you may make mistakes such as misaligning the doorknobs, measuring by the bevel, and locking yourself.
  3. Keypad Locksmith installs basic and advanced locks and doorknobs for your home.

How to Change a Doorknob With a Lock?

Understanding the locking mechanism is essential to changing an old or damaged door. It also requires that you follow simple but precise steps. To install a new knob, you only need to follow the steps.

Install a doorknob with a lock by following these easy steps:

Remove the old doorknob

  1. Find the screws on the inside of the knob. These screws are usually located on the baseplate or collar of the doorknob.
  2. To remove and loosen these screws, use a screwdriver. Some screws may have a decorative cap that needs to be removed first.
  3. The knob and latch assembly will easily separate once the screws have been removed. It may be necessary to wiggle or turn the knob in order to remove it from the spindle.

Step 2: Remove Latch Plate

  1. Find the screws that hold the latch plate on the edge of your door.
  2. Remove these screws and the latch plate will be released from the door jamb.

Step 3: Installing the new Latch Plate

  1. Align the new latch plate with the indentation at the edge of the front door.
  2. Screw the latch plate into the door jamb with the supplied screws.

Step 4: Installing the new doorknob

  1. Insert the spindle from the new doorknob through the latch mechanism on the door.
  2. Place the exterior knob with the keyhole on the outside and the interior knob inside.
  3. Align the holes in the base plates on both knobs and the spindle. Push them together.
  4. Tighten the screws using a screwdriver to secure the knobs.

Step 5: Test your doorknob

  1. Turn the knob from the inside as well as the outside of the door to test its functionality.
  2. Check that the latch retracts easily and that the lock engages or disengages correctly with the key.

Step 6 – Adjustments

  1. You may need to move the latch plate slightly if the latch is not aligned properly with the strike plate on the jamb.
  2. After making any changes, test the doorknob again to make sure everything works correctly.

Step 7 – Cleanup

  1. Remove the old doorknob and the packaging.
  2. Remove any dust or debris left over from the installation. What Tools Do You Need to Replace a Door Knob?
Commercial Lock Change

What Tools Are Needed to Replace a Doorknob?

With the right tools, changing a broken knob is easy. Although it may appear easy to remove the doorknob by hand, this can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools.

When changing a doorknob, make sure you have the following tools:

  1. New door knob set
  2. Phillips Head Screwdriver
  3. Allen wrench (depending on the type knob to be installed).
  4. Pliers (optional, if you have stubborn screw holes).
  5. Lubricating Screw

You may require a few extra tools, depending on what type of lock is being installed. Some locks require the assistance of a service provider.

Let Keypad Locksmith install it for you! Our experts can install any type of lock for your home, including smart locks. We will also help you to improve your security.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing a Doorknob

One of the common mistakes is not understanding the parts and hardware of the door locks.

It may seem easy to install a new lock on a door, but one small mistake can cause the lock to stop working correctly, putting your safety at risk.

Here are some of the most common mistakes made when installing door locks.

Rotating the New Lock Incorrectly

The most common mistake homeowners make is to install the doorknob, deadbolt or knob incorrectly. They only realize this after they have installed the screws. Make sure that you are looking at the lock in the right direction.

Misaligning a New Lock

You must align the deadbolt correctly when replacing a door lock. You could have to buy a new door if you don’t align the deadbolt correctly. Make sure that all three holes align correctly.

How to Drill Holes the Wrong Way

Start from the inside of the door and watch for the drill to appear on the opposite side. Once you see the drill, stop drilling. Switch sides and continue drilling. This will reduce splinters and damage to the door.

Measuring with the Bevel

If you don’t measure your door correctly, it won’t close properly. Be sure to measure from the side that does not have a bevel.

How to Lock Yourself Out

You’ll likely test the lock after you’ve reached the point where you installed the new lock. Be sure to have your keys with you! Locking yourself out is a rookie mistake that can be embarrassing.

Do not follow instructions

It’s important to read the instructions if this is your first time installing a lock or knob. The instructions are there for a good reason. Before you throw caution to the winds, give them a thorough once-over.

How to Troubleshoot Doorknob Installation Errors

It is possible to troubleshoot a mistake in the installation of a doorknob. You must first identify the issue and plan your solution systematically.

We have provided simple solutions for the mistakes that we highlighted.

Rotating the new lock incorrectly

  • Problem: Install the lock cylinder upside down or reverse.
  • Troubleshooting Remove the lock cylinder and install it again with the keyhole in the correct position. Please follow the instructions of the manufacturer for the correct orientation.

Misaligning a New Lock

  • Issue: The lock does not engage smoothly, or align with the strike plate.
  • Troubleshooting Check the alignment of the lock with the strike plate and adjust if necessary. Check that the door latch bolt moves smoothly and without friction.

How to Drill Holes the Wrong Way

  • Issue: Holes for lockset components have been misaligned, or are too shallow/deep.
  • Troubleshooting Measure and mark the correct locations for drilling holes with the template that comes with the lockset. To create holes that are clean and accurately positioned, use the correct drill bit size.

Measuring with the Bevel

  • Problem: Incorrect measurement leads to misalignment between the lock components.
  • Troubleshooting Measure the distance from the edge of your door to the middle of the lockset. Be sure to take into account the angle of the door. To make accurate measurements, use a combination ruler or square.

How to Lock Yourself Out

  • Problem: Locking the door accidentally without testing the lock.
  • Troubleshooting Test the lock before closing the door to make sure it works properly. Keep a spare lock or key handy, and leave the door unlocked for a while until you are confident with the installation.

Do not follow instructions

  • Problem: Ignoring the installation instructions of the manufacturer or misunderstanding them.
  • Troubleshooting Before beginning, carefully read the instructions for installation provided by the manufacturer. Pay attention to every detail, including orientation, measurements and drilling techniques.

Keypad Locksmith Can Help You With Your Door Knob Installation

When installing a door handle, it’s important to follow the instructions of the manufacturer. We’ve seen all kinds of door knobs at Keypad Locksmith.

Keypad Locksmith provides professional assistance with all of your door knobs and lock replacement requirements. Their comprehensive services are available to meet a variety of needs, whether you want to improve the security of your home or update your door’s aesthetic appeal.

Consult us to find better solutions. We can unlock a stuck door, replace a doorknob, or upgrade your solution.

Keypad Locksmith will simplify the process for you and provide exceptional results to enhance the safety, functionality, and aesthetics of the home.

Please fill out the service requests to request any residential locksmith services. We service Rockville, Silver Spring, Bethesda, Lanham, and Bowie in Maryland.

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