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The Advantages of Deadbolt Locks for Home Security

What Is a Deadbolt?

A deadbolt is a locking mechanism that is typically used in conjunction with a doorknob to secure doors. They use a key or thumb turn to engage a bolt that extrudes into the doorframe.

Deadbolts are commonly used on exterior doors because they provide a high level of security against forced attacks.

Deadbolt locks have gained immense popularity as residential security options. Unlike spring bolt locks, deadbolts use keys or knobs to move their lock bolts, without relying on springs. These locks provide a reliable security setup for your home, offering a strong defense against trespassers and burglars. By preventing break-ins, deadbolts contribute to your peace of mind and comfort. Many people prefer deadbolts over pin tumbler locks due to their additional defense benefits, particularly when made with hardened steel bolts.

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The Potential Advantages of Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks can make excellent home security additions for any household. These locks offer people many potential advantages. Some examples of these are:

  • Distinctive locking techniques that offer high defense from aggressive physical attacks.
  • Superior strength. Getting into a property that has deadbolt locks can be extremely time-consuming. Opening these locks usually isn’t simple. Burglars who want to get in and out of homes quickly, as a result, often stay away from homes that have deadbolts.
  • Deadbolt locks don’t have spring mechanisms. Because of that, burglars cannot use crowbars or knives to break in.

Deadbolt Lock Options

Deadbolt locks exist in a handful of different varieties. These are:

  1. Keyless cylinder deadbolt locks.
  2. Single cylinder deadbolt locks.
  3. Double cylinder deadbolt locks.
  4. Mortise deadbolt locks

1. Keyless cylinder or Electronic deadbolt locks

These locks offer the same security and durability as their mechanical counterparts but with the added benefit of a keypad or touchscreen. They are very easy to use and you never need to worry about losing a key again.

If you want to open a door that has this type of deadbolt lock, you just need a password or fingerprint scan. If you want to shut a door with a keyless cylinder deadbolt, you can do so using a knob or a button.

2. Single cylinder deadbolt locks

This type of lock uses a thumb turn on the inside of the door and a key on the exterior side.

These are the most popular deadbolt used on household front doors and are typically used in conjunction with a doorknob latch lock.

People employ keys to open doors that are equipped with single cylinder deadbolt locks. These locks are common in doors that do not have fragile glass close to their thumb pieces.

3. Double cylinder deadbolt locks

The double-cylinder deadbolt requires a key to be used on both sides of the door. People frequently rely on these deadbolt locks in situations where fragile glass is close to the doorknob since it prevents them from breaking the glass and turning the knob. Note, however, that these locks can sometimes be problematic when people need to rapidly exit.

4. Mortise deadbolt locks

When it comes to prioritizing high-security options for your locks, mortise locks are an excellent choice. These locks boast a sturdy metal body that incorporates both a deadbolt and latch lock, making them highly resistant to forced entry.

The reason why the mortise dead bolt is tamper resistant is because a rectangular pocket or mortise is cut into the door. Whilst the mortise makes the lock more secure, the additional feature makes them more costly.

For a homeowner or business owner looking for additional security, a mortise lock is worth the investment.


Selecting the right deadbolt lock is crucial for effective security. Understanding the advantages and characteristics of each type allows you to make an informed choice. Whether it’s a keyless cylinder, single-cylinder, double-cylinder, or mortise deadbolt lock, prioritize security without compromising convenience. Invest in the appropriate deadbolt lock to enhance the safety of your home or business.

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