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New Smart Lock with Video Doorbell

In the past when someone came to your door, you would look at them through the peephole viewer in order to verify that it’s safe to open the door.

It was difficult to see the person on the other side especially if they were out of view of the peephole.

Today home security has improved with technology. Today your keypad lock can be installed with a video camera and doorbell.

Your keyless entry device is connected to your smartphone.

The benefits are:

1. With Keyless entry you can provide access to trusted people and change the code when necessary.

2. The lock video camera is connected to your smartphone. When a visitor comes to your door and rings the doorbell. You do not have to go to the door in order to see who it is. You can see the video of them on your smartphone and you can video chat with them.

3. You can use the mobile app in order to allow the caller to enter your house without going to the door. You can provide access with a temporary code.

4. The smart lock is smart home ready and allows you to control and check your door status by using your voice through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

If you are interested in having a Smart lock installed in your home with a keypad, doorbell and video camera, please contact us without delay.

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